The Beginning:
I consider myself to be a Computer Enthusiast in many ways.
I am intrigued by Computers, Electronics & Technology, and have been for many years.
I remember turning my Stereo Cassette Player into a Guitar Amp when I was 14.
If I see a computer the first thing I want to do is find the specs:
No matter how old or complex the computer and hardware is I am up for a challenge.
It’s well known by my Family, and Friends
that I cannot resit the dabble into a piece of technology or Hardware.
I’ve spent the last several years exploring with Computers, System Building,
Programming, Web Applications, Web Design, Software, Peripheral Devices, Gaming, Folding etc… My Computer Projects can found Here >>..
PC Music Recording:
Being a Guitarist I began to utilize PC recording.
My first recording software was Cakewalk Guitar Tracks on an eMachines 366ID
I started out using anolog/composite recording to PC, later
in 2000 to a Game Theater XP 16-bit sound card for quite a while untill 2005, It’s in the closet now.
Currently I use the following PC Recording setup:
– Custom Built X99 / i7 5930K – Link to system
– Hewlet Packard DV6-2155DX Intel Core i3 Laptop
– Focusrite Saffire Pro 12 Firewire Interface
– M-Audio AV 40 Studio Monitors
– Digitech GNX4 Guitar Workstation USB Audio interface (Sound Card)
– Digitech GNX3000 Guitar Workstation USB Audio interface (Sound Card)
Digitech Rp7 Valve (1992) Analog mixed into the GNX3000
– Digitech JML2 JamMan Stereo Looper Phrase Smapler
– Digitech GNXFC Midi Foot Controler (GNX3000/GNX4 & JamMan features)
– Yamaha MG10/2 Mini Mixing board
– Yamaha MM6 Keyboard Synthesizer WorkStation
– Yamaha Sustain Pedal, (modded into a kill switch)
– Dunlop 95Q Wah Pedal
– Blue Microphones Yeti Pro XLR & USB
– Shure PG48 XLR mic
– EV Cobalt Co9 premium XLR mic
Sony MDR-V600 Studio Headphones
– audio-technica ATH-M40X Studio Headphones
– Crate GLX1200H 120 Watt Head
Crate GT1200H 120 Watt Head
– Crate G412SL Slant 4×12 cabinet
– Ibanez GEI 5000 Dual 2/3 Octave EQ
– ART SGE Digital Super Effector / Pitch Transposer
– Zoom 505II Effects Pedal
– 2008 Ibanez RG2550Z Prestige Custom. H/H EMG 81/60
– 2011 Ibanez RG870Z Premium Custom. H/S/H DiMarzio D Activators – Voltage Pickguard
– 1991 Heartfield by Fender Talon 5. H/S/H DiMarzio Super3/Single/DiMarzio H3 – Fender Exclusive
– Bass Ibanez SR300 4 String with 5 piece maple/rosewood neck
– Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings
– Jim Dunlop USA Nylon 1MM Picks
Music Recording Software:
– Ableton Live 8
– Cakewalk Guitar Tracks
– Protracks Plus 2.2
– Steinberg Cubase Ai4 upgraded to Ai8
– Digitech X-Edit Editor/Librarian
– Digitech Jam Manager XT
The Web:
I started building webpages in 1999.
I am also into Web Design & Web programming,
I have done many web projects, and have some knowlage in programming such as,
javascript, actionscript, Flash, Flash Communication Server, Fireworks CS5, Photoshop CS5, XHTML, HTML, CSS, PERL, PHP, MYSQL, Apache Web Server, Graphic Design,
I have built many apps over the years including a Webcam Chat application in Flashcom.
All of which is now almost obsolete, but still has some uses.
Extreme PC and Gaming:
I remember my Brother bringing me a copy of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Team Saber.
I really was not into games, and the computer I had could’nt play it.
So I just set it to the side untill one day I had a Gateway VTX400 Laptop.
was bored one day, so I put the CD in and away I went. It was on now!
I played for hours, I loved it online running around with my brother in a game.
I then got a Dell E510 w/ ATI X300SE 128MB to play in much better graphics.
Later a friend of mine introduced me to Battlefield 2142, and I love that game too.
Again my Brother came over and showed me some Kool PCs with multiple graphics cards !!!!!!
I started researching the whole thing, and I new I wanted one.
The Game Crysis was released, and my PC could not run the game.
So I built my first SLI PC, and have been going nuts with it ever since.
Now BF: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3, Which My Son, 2 Brothers, and Myself play frequently.
Video Editing, and Movie Making:
I started shooting video in HD 1080P
This is a major change from the old Sony Hi-8 cassette with no memory card. lol…
I started a youtube channel a few years ago, and recently started using it.
Having a Hi Performance gaming rig has its advantages for faster video rendering.
I am by no means a professional.
Video Editing setup:
– Canon Vixia HF-M30 Video Camcorder
– PNY Proffesional Class 10 20MB/s SD card
– Magix Vegas Movie Studio Suite
Cyberlink Power Director 9 Ultra-64 (Main Software) Not working well on Windows 10 (1/5/17)
The Result:
I build and test computers for fun.
Gaming, Benchmarking, Streaming, Experimenting, and talking with other Computer Enthsiasts,
and Extreme Gamers.
Previous Photos:
Studio 05/14/2014
Gaming Room
Gaming Room,
(LEFT) Antec 900 Project AYB, EVGA 780i SLI, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, SLI 8800GTS 512 x2, Zalman CNPS9700.
(RIGHT) Antec 1200, EVGA X58, Intel Core i7 920 3.4GHZ/4.0GHZ, 3X SLI GTX285 FTW 720MHZ, Corsair H50.
Guitars. (Left to Right)
05 Jackson RR3, 91 Heartfield by Fender Talon 5,
08 Ibanez RG2550Z w/ EMG 81/60, Ibanez 2011 RG870Z w/ DiMarzio D Activators and Dimarzio/IBZ S,
Ibanez SR300 5-piece Maple Rosewood Neck
Floor Effects
Floor Effects. (top down, left to right)
M-Audio Studio monitors, Digitech Rp7 Valve 1992,
Crate footswitch for keyboard sustain non-momentaty for footless sustain,
Digitech GNXFC footswitch hooked to looper,
Digitech GNX4, Yamaha Sustain Pedal moded to a momentary kill switch,
Digitech JamMan Stereo Looper w/ 4GB SD,
Digitech GNX3000 mic’ed to PG48 mic for Vocoder guitar effect – and main effects, Crybaby 95Q Wah Pedal,
Crate footswitches for the stack. each processer has a unique set of tones, and presets.
Crate GLX1200H, Crate GT1200H, and Crate 4×12.