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Windows 10 My Feedback

I have been submitting my feedback on Windows 10 Tech Preview Build: 9926.
The previous builds were heading in the right direction,
but the latest build 9926 has me a bit off.
I have decided to keep a log of all this sent feedback.
Hopefully Microsoft Build team will take it into consideration.

I will be documenting all my feedback I am sending to Microsoft
through the Windows Feedback app from within Windows 10 Tech Preview right here in this post.

Using this System EVGA X58

Creating a shortcut: Windows 10 9926: 03/04/2015:
It takes at least 5 steps to create a desktop shortcut.
1). Click Start.
2). Click all apps.
3). Open containing folder.
4). Right click open file location.
5). right click send to desktop, Create shortcut.

Creative SB X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion Series Windows 10 9926 03/04/2015:
Driver: SBXF_PCDRV_L11_2_30_0004.
This card had no sound, Although it appeared to work fine in Windows 10 9926.
Device Manager reported the device working properly.
Properties sound meter showed working.
Just no sound coming through the headphones.
After an update yesterday 03/03/2015 the sound just started working.
However the Creative Audio Control Panel still does not.
I’m happy the card sounds great.

Windows Update Windows 10 build 9926 : 03/01/2015
Keeps automatically installing updates I do not want. Specifically Nvidia Geforce Drivers,
Which I would rather manually download & install this, there are features I want, and do not want.
Please give us more control with updates, specifiaclly 3rd party drivers, and software.
the old method in Windows 7 was much better. I could Hide the updates I do not want windows update to control.
Hide, Unhide, Choose, View, Manually install updates, turn off automatic updates,
Windows Updates is force updating my hardware, and software. need more windows update control.

Start Menu 9926 : 03/01/2015
I can no longer add programs to the context menu.
Previous version, I was able to add the Control Panel to the start menu,
A would make a context menu of the control panel items,
Now I cannot customize the menu.
I would like to see custom context menu on start.

Windows 10 Tech Preview 9926

My personal Windows 10 Tech Preview 9926


RAID0 Benchmarks. Non-SSD

It’s been a while since my last blog post,
I’ve been busy with other things, However I do find time to play with computer hardware on occasion.
Here’s my updated benchmarks of my RAID0X4, i7-920 @ 3.35GHZ

I also did a comparison with the system Overclocked, and stock clocked.
This is with a stock 2.66GHZ Intel i7-920, ICH10R

And this a Ram Drive using ASUS ROG Ramdisk
Notice the size of the test.

Always fun to max hardware, and find the performance needed.


DayZ Early Access Alpha

This game got my interest back.

I recently started playing DayZ Early Access Alpha.
I’m not much for MMORPG’s but this one is really fun.

Survive a Zombie Apocalypse:
Only this game gets very real.
– Scavenge for food, and water or die
– get medical attention if you get hurt.
– watch out for Zombies, and other players.
– Find Guns, Water, Food, First Aid, Cloths, etc…
– most important, you need something to carry it all in like a backpack, or cloths with extra pockets.

You need things like real world items.
– Can opener to open a can of food, or use a knife and loose some food.
– water bottle or canteen to carry water.
– team up with other players.

Check it out on Steam.
Also check out the map

Here’s my character, I went through about 10 before I got this far.


Test Your Skill Frog Leap Leapfrog

Leap Frog Skill Test Game

Instructions: Click on each frog to make Him/Her leap forward.
Objective: Try to get all 6 frogs to their opposite side.
** You cannot leap backwards
– Good Luck!

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Leap Frog Skill Test Game Thumbnail Pic Flash

leap frog sjill test game

leap frog skill test game