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Squad up BF3 [OFB] Out For Blood

It’s been years since I joined a squad, but these are guys are great..
Joined in a couple days ago, and gaming is fun again…
Hang out in Teamspeak…Out For Blood Squad
… [OFB]Mr_Scary

…video by [OFB]Upp3rCrusT


Battlefield 3 Premium upgrade plus FREE code for BF3 limited edition *$29.99 limited time


Check back as it may go back on sale.

Battlefield 3 Premium Upgrade plus a FREE code for Battlefield 3 Limited Edition

Please read all of this post before proceding, make sure understand completely.
Comment here for help.

If you do not already have BF3, this will give you everything.

PC Version ONLY
It’s important you use this link. Battlefield 3: Premium Edition [Download]

PC ONLY I don’t how this will work on Consoles. if even applicable

I cannot verify if you have a regular BF3 edition, “Back to Karkand” pack may go with the LE version only!
so you may end up with Premium and missing Back to Karkand, but I don’t know for sure.

I’m going to show you how to get Battlefield 3 Premium Edition for *$29.99 or regular price, and
If you already have BF3 Limited Edition Base Game, then you will have an extra BF3 LE (Limited Edition) Base Game to give away, share, or whatever.

the asterisk (*) means that the price is subject to change.

Purchase the game from here *$29.99 as of *12/26/2012, *the price is subject to change.
I purchased the Download version, because all you need are the codes, origin handles the download.
and who uses discs these days anyway.

It’s important you use this link. Battlefield 3: Premium Edition [Download]

Let me first explain that their are (2) versions of Premium:

1). Battlefield 3 Premium Edition –
this is the base Game BF3 Limited Edition, Premium Membership, Expansions, and extras

2). Battlefield 3 Premium –
This is the Premium Membership, Expansions, and extras (DOES NOT CONTAIN THE BASE GAME like above)

Notice one has “Edition” the other does not.

OK. now with that out of the way this a good deal either way, even if the *$29.99 price tag has expired.

After you purchase the game, there should be a link that says “I just need the keys”
there is really no point in using Amazon Downloader, this is an origin game,
so you will put these keys in origin, and download there.

With the download, or the DVD you get 2 keys
1st key is for BF3 Limited Edition, plus Back to Karkand map pack.
2nd key is for Premium Membership, and map packs.

For those of you that bought this for the extra game, and already own BF3 Limited Edition
Access origin, click on Origin in the top menu, click “Redeem Product Code” use only the “Premium Service Key”
You are now a premium member. and you have another “Battlefield 3 LE Key (Limited Edition) that you can share with a friend.

they will follow the above directions in origin only using the 2nd key.
and this will give them BF3 Limited Edition, and can start the download.

To verify each product, just point your browser to Battlefield Battlog and check your status

Battlefield 3 Premium Trick

Battlefield 3 Premium Trick


New Project: Steam Console

My new project is building a console with Steam’s new Big Picture Platform.
Since I’m not running a server anymore I will be using it as as the box.
The server has changed dramaticly from when I originally built it.

Just to speed up the game downloads,
I have created a batch file to transfer all game files from my main gaming rig to the steam box.
C:\program files….\steam\steamapps

Some of the specs may change if applicable.
The experiment is to not purchase any products, except the xbox game controler for windows.
This is not intended to be an extreme gaming rig. more of a media pc to play my steam games on the television like an Xbox360, or Wii.
this system should be fairly equivalnt to a console.

System Specs:
Windows Vista 32-bit, (I may switch to Win 7 if there is complictions)
Intel Pentium E2160 1.80GHZ
MSI Boston MS-7525 G31 Motherboard HP/Compaq (will swap for a foxconn g31 if os is swapped license issue)
Corsair CMPSU-400CX 400W PSU
Corsair XMS2 DDR2/800 DHX Ram
Western Digital Cavier Blue 160GB HDD
I have no idea what the case is, I aquired it in swap. flimsy ATX
Logitech M305 wireless mouse
Logitech K250 wireless keyboard
XBOX360 wireless controler for Windows (If all goes well)
Belkin USB2.0 Wireless N adapter to connect to the Belkin Wireless N100 router.

I may also plug a router into this PC to connect some other non-wireless media devices to the network.
So far when I open Steam’s Big picture the application crashes. It seems to work on Win 7, just issues with vista.

Steam Console Big Picture PC Box

Steam Console Big Picture PC Box

Steam Console Big Picture PC Box

Steam Console Big Picture PC Box

Steam Console Big Picture PC Box

Steam Console Big Picture PC Box

Steam Big Picture PC Console Box

Steam Big Picture PC Console Box


BF3 Settings GTX285 1GB 3-Way SLI

Update: 12/28/2012
I am now running @ 1920×1200 with High to ultra settings, and getting 60-200FPS
must have been a driver update, or game update.

So far this is the highest settings I can get on Battlefield 3 using my current setup.
Memory usage maxes out at 983MB of the GTX285’s 1GB available vRam.
I’m supprised I can even use 1920×1200. the game is a bit smoother using 1680×1050,
but looks better with 1920×1200 with lower settings.

Battlefield 3 BF3 settings gtx285 1GB 3-way sli 1920x1200 X58 i7

BF3 Battlefield 3 settings gtx285 1GB 3-way sli 1920x1200 X58 i7