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This is how I back up my Windows Computers Using ATI (Acronis True Image) 2014.
I also use True Image 2016 Western Digital edition (FREE) if a Western Digital drive is attached to the system.
There is also a Seagate version which I assume works the same, although I have not used the Seagate Version.

I back up each Drive individually, Either a System Image, or File Backup. (.tib) is the file extension used by ATI.
Although ultimately I could back up the entire system to one image.
I prefer to back up each drive separately, because 1 problem will only affect 1 drive.
Depending on when you last backed up, you may loose data you could have avoided by backing up drives individually.

My main PC consists of multiple drives:
– Game Drive: RAID0 w/4 Western Digital Blacks 500GB ea. giving a total of 2TB respectively. 1.8TB actually. Running on Intel X99 Chipset with Intel Rapid Storage Technology.
– Storage Drive: 640GB Western Digital Blue. I use it to store important files.
– Operating System: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD with Windows 10

Put in a secure storage drive Such as an external drive that is kept in a fireproof safe.
I use a Western Digital RED 4TB for backing up all my Drives.
Notice all my backups are kept in separate folders. I do this because ATI has an issue with comments.
If you do not use comments on your backups, then it’s not necessary.

For my OS, and Game drive, Open ATI:
1. Choose [Disk and partition backup]
2. Source – Switch to Disk Mode.
2. Destination – Browse to the drive you want to save your backup to.
3. Settings – Schedule (DO NOT SCHEDULE) – Enter a Name for your backup – In Scheme Change (Backup METHOD) to FULL.

I do the same for my Storage drive only I use [File backup] instead of [Disk and partition backup]

There are other methods to backup, this is just how I do it.
Reasons are so it can be removed from the system and placed in safe location.
Using incremental, and restore points are OK, but say your PC catches fire you loose all your data.
This way you can recover the data in that event.
Depending on how much you do, and how often you use your PC, and what you what you use it for will determine how often to backup.
I backup once a week to once a month. and usually when I make big changes I want to secure, such as building a server and it is configured and in working order.