RAID0 Benchmarks. Non-SSD

It’s been a while since my last blog post,
I’ve been busy with other things, However I do find time to play with computer hardware on occasion.
Here’s my updated benchmarks of my RAID0X4, i7-920 @ 3.35GHZ

I also did a comparison with the system Overclocked, and stock clocked.
This is with a stock 2.66GHZ Intel i7-920, ICH10R

And this a Ram Drive using ASUS ROG Ramdisk
Notice the size of the test.

Always fun to max hardware, and find the performance needed.


DayZ Early Access Alpha

This game got my interest back.

I recently started playing DayZ Early Access Alpha.
I’m not much for MMORPG’s but this one is really fun.

Survive a Zombie Apocalypse:
Only this game gets very real.
– Scavenge for food, and water or die
– get medical attention if you get hurt.
– watch out for Zombies, and other players.
– Find Guns, Water, Food, First Aid, Cloths, etc…
– most important, you need something to carry it all in like a backpack, or cloths with extra pockets.

You need things like real world items.
– Can opener to open a can of food, or use a knife and loose some food.
– water bottle or canteen to carry water.
– team up with other players.

Check it out on Steam.
Also check out the map

Here’s my character, I went through about 10 before I got this far.


Test Your Skill Frog Leap Leapfrog

Leap Frog Skill Test Game

Instructions: Click on each frog to make Him/Her leap forward.
Objective: Try to get all 6 frogs to their opposite side.
** You cannot leap backwards
– Good Luck!

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Leap Frog Skill Test Game Thumbnail Pic Flash

leap frog sjill test game

leap frog skill test game


BF3 CPU GPU Bechmark Battlefield 3 console



If you want to monitor your CPU to GPU ratio, and Frames Per Second in game.
there is a nice overlay built into BF3

Hit the [`] key and open the console
then type the following, and press enter after each line

FPS type – “Render.drawFPS 1” without the “‘s
this will show current frames per second, 60+ is ideal if using vertial sync it will match your monitors refresh rate, 60HZ monitor = 60FPS, 120HZ = 120FPS if you are dropping below then lower your settings for better gameplay.

CPU/GPU type – Render.PerfOverlayVisible 1 without the “‘s
this will display a performance graph – Yellow is CPU, Green is GPU (graphics)

If the CPU/YELLOW is below the GPU/GREEN then the CPU is bottlenecking the graphics cards.

found it by googleing benchmark tool BF3, I wanted to get my settings perfect.