Intel Dual Core E5300 Antec 900 Black

– Foxconn G31MXP-K
– Intel Pentium E5300
– Zalman CNPS7000C-CU Solid Copper CPU Heatsink
– Corsair XMS2 2GB DDR2/800 2 Dimms
– Seagate Baracuda 160GB SATA 3/GBs 7200.9
– Lite-On CD/DVD Burner SATA iHAS124-04
– Antec 900 / 1 Spray Painted Black
– Ultra X3 800 Watt PSU

Windows 7 Home Premium (64-Bit)

Update: 10/12/2009
– Added 9800GT SSC 512
– Installed Windows 7 64-Bit OS
– 3Dmark Vantage Score coming soon….

Benchmark Windows XP 32-Bit:
– E5300 @ 2.60GHZ
– 9800GT @ 650MHZ
– 3Dmark06 score = 10970
– Crysis Wars 32-55 FPS

Benchmark – Windows 7 64-Bit:
– E5300 @ 2.86GHZ
– 9800GT @ 670MHZ
– 3Dmark Vantage score = 7163
– Crysis Wars 40-65 FPS
– Call Of Duty World At War 80-95 FPS
– Battlefield 2142 90-100+ FPS
– Counter Strike Source: 100-300 FPS

Please note:
A 3Dmark Vantage score lower then a 3Dmark06 is normal…
from DirectX9 to DirectX10, and the scores should not be compared.


When it was brand new Feb 2008 Just unboxed it.
Stripped it down Sep 2009

Micro ATX Cable Management 09/26/2009

Just finished painting 09/28/2009

Lot of overspray, I may touch it up if needed.

Rubber Gromets for cable management holes / Rubber pads for PSU

I’m thinking RED for the side mesh Maybe??

I will try to mount 90CM fans in the middle, back of the drive cages X 2, and no fans in front.

Underneath the top/front panel, 200MM Fan, USB, 1394, etc…

Still waiting for the E5300, HDD, DVD-ROM, & Zalman CNPS7000C

Ultra X3 800 watt PSU needs a to be polished


Through the front bays

Mounted the 92s together for a rectangle dual fan

I think this will pull in some air..

Moved the drive cages up 1 bay to center the inside fans..

Powered on,, updating Windows & Drivers

Temporary Intel Stock CPU cooler, Waiting on Zalman CNPS700C Solid Copper

Extra motherboard bracket, I guess originally it was an AM2 socket only..
Maybe that’s why they sent the extra metal socket 775 bracket.

This is a very heavy solid piece of copper, Which will be very effective at CPU temps.

When I installed the Intel Stock Fan Heatsink CPU Cooler it warped the motherboard.
This Zalman back bracket not only holds the copper heatsink in place,
but also keeps the motherboard strait.

I used Arctic Silver Thermal Material remover to remove the old thermal paste.
Followed by Arctic Silver Surface Purifier on the CPU & CPU Cooler.

I used the Zalman ZM-STG1 Thermal Grease – Brush on..
Notice I lightly brushed it on, and evened it out across the CPU, very, very thin layer..

This was the easiest Zalman I have installed, was very simple.

Notice that the 4-pin cpu power cable is run diagnal around the gpu..
This is due to the PSU being mounted on the bottom as opposed to the top.
I’m ordering a 12″ 4-pin CPU power cable extension, I can run it up the back side.

Added a 9800GT SSC 650MHZ, Overclocked to 670MHZ
Also changed ram to Corsair XMS2 DHX (Dual Path Heat-Exchange)

Overclocked the Intel E5300 Dual Core to 2.86GHZ

Complete & ready for gaming… CyberMC’s New Gaming Rig..