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  • Update, Using WordPress

    I know, WordPress right? Well I wanted something easy, and interactive. I will be making changes to the template In fact this template encourged me to use wordpress.

  • Getting everything converted.

    I will not be moving 3 years of posts to the new site, However I will recreate most of the site pages, like PC projects, guitar projects etc… I look forward to easy posting, and editing.. Cheers…

  • My latest issue – Powerarchiver

    I’m having trouble creating an ISO from CD using Powerarchiver, I have started a post on the forums.

  • Battlefield 3 Stats

    Have a look at my Battlefield 3 stats

  • Social Network Login

    Users can now login to the site using their favorite Social Network Facebook, Twitter, Google, OpenID, WordPress Account, Hyves This will also help eliminate spam as well…

  • Guitar Projects Converted

    Guitar projects have been moved over. It was easy, with this WordPress Template I just highlited the page content and dragged it to the page editor. then edited as needed.

  • Everything is now converted to WordPress

    All finished with the move..

  • Stats & Progression Battlefield 3

    Back to Karkand map pack is being released today, I can’t wait to play Here is my Stats & Progression – Mr_Scary -Battlelog / Battlefield 3.

  • Windstream Technical difficulties

    Windstream is experience Technical Difficulties this morning, and their phone lines are as busy as their Twitter Page. I was going to play Battlefield 3 new “Back to Karkand” map pack on release day with my brother. Windstream is His Internet Service Provider (ISP), It was to early to use their Live Chat technical support, … Read More

  • Delta Force Angel Falls Alpha

    Delta Force Angel Falls close to alpha stage After several years of waitng for this game. It appears Novalogic is close to Alpha Stage on DeltaForce: Angel Falls. They are taking applications for Alpha Testing. I have really enjoyed playing Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Team Sabre for many years, and still play from time … Read More

  • Battlefield 3 On E5300 / GT240

    Update on the Battlefield 3 Minimum system requirements test: Windows 8 64-Bit Developer Preview Nvidia Driver 285.16 Win8 Default (not the recomended) Intel E5300 Dual Core 2.6GHZ Intel G41 Motherboard EVGA GT240 512MB GDDR5 / 550MHZ-Core / 1340MHZ-Shader / 1700MHZ-Mem Corsair 2GB XMS3 DDR2/800 WD Cavier Green 160GB Here’s what I came up with: 30FPS … Read More

  • Battlefield 3 On E5300 GT240

    Update To: E5300 / GT240 BF3: Nvidia Driver 290.53 BETA Windows 8 64-Bit Developer Preview BF3 Settings: Fullscreen Monitor [ 1280×1024 – 60.02Hz ] Graphics Quality [ LOW ] Texture Quality [ LOW ] Shadow Quality [ LOW ] Effects Quality [ LOW ] Mesh Quality [ LOW ] Terrain Quality [ LOW ] Terrain … Read More

  • Yea Battlefield 3 Poster

    Just had to post this picture of my BF3 Poster my wife got me for Christmas. Now overlooking my Gaming Rig.

  • Say No to SOPA, and PIPA

    “The US government is currently reviewing SOPA and PIPA as possible ways to prevent unlawful distribution of copyrighted materials available on the internet. These current proposals, if passed, would allow for significant interventions into the technological and economical basis of the internet. This could put the vast benefits and economic opportunities of entirely legal and … Read More

  • Metal vs Hip Hop in BF3

    Too bad this is not on the PC In a bid to settle the age old rivalry between metal and hip hop, we give you the Battlefield 3™ Metal vs. Hip Hop Challenge! This Saturday and Sunday, you have the opportunity to play with (and against) Hip Hop artists Mickey Factz and Big Boi or … Read More

  • EA sued for BF3 helicopter use

    EA is facing a lawsuit from a military helicopter manufacturer over the inclusion of the vehicles in Battlefield 3. To avoid the suit, EA has asked a federal judge to rule that depicting the aircraft falls under the company’s First Amendment rights. Kotaku reports that EA’s legal talks with Textron, the parent company of Bell … Read More

  • Dino Dell Inspiron 1100 P4

    I aquired a dinosaur laptop the other day, just for fun. This laptop makes me appreciate my gaming rig. Believe it or not, this old laptop is very responsive to the operating system, still great for browsing the web, email, etc.. it’s when you try to use programs that it shows it’s weakness. this laptop … Read More

  • Just tinkering with the website

    Messing around with images using the iFeature template on Worpress, and Fireworks CS5. This iFeature template is just amazing. You can get it at Cyberchimps

  • End Piracy, Not Liberty

    Google in the fight against SOPA, and PIPA Sign The Petition! at Google Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S. Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in … Read More

  • By the Numbers: 103,785

    We won. A total of 103,785 people signed We the People petitions asking the Obama Administration to protect an open and innovative internet. A petition asking President Obama to veto the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) got 51,689 signatures, while 52,096 people signed the “Stop the E-PARSITE Act” petition. Congress is debating a number of … Read More

  • Facebook to sell stock

    Watching the news I found out that Internet Giant “Facebook” will be selling stock to the public. It is thought that Facebook will soon be worth upwards of 100 Billion Dollars. Go Facebook. Facebook, in one of the world’s most widely anticipated IPOs, or initial public offerings of stock, filed papers this afternoon to raise … Read More

  • Digitech iStomp

    OK! Digitech you are losing me. I like iPhone, Interaction, Interfacing, etc.. What I don’t like is complete proprietary managed solutions. I have been a fan of Digitech for many years, but the products they have been introducing the past few years is really annoying. I love products that interface together for extra features, but … Read More

  • Facebook Subscribe How to

    I created this video to show you how to put a Facebook Subscribe Button, or Like Button on your Website or Blog.It’s really very simple, please comment below, Feel free to add links to other resources of this subject. Test it out, give me a “Like” Examples: Like Box example 1: Like Box example 2: … Read More

  • IE browser vulnerabilities

    Microsoft is warning all users of its Internet Explorer web browser to immediately apply the latest security patch as a precaution against malicious hacker attacks. As part of its Patch Tuesday releases, the company shipped a high-priority IE update (MS12-010) which covers four documented vulnerabilities that could be used in drive-by downloads with minimal user … Read More

  • Adam Adamowicz RIP

    Adam Adamowicz died Feb. 8, 2012 at age 44 Credited works The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011), Bethesda Softworks LLC Fallout 3 (2008), Bethesda Softworks LLC Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde (2003), Jaleco Entertainment, Inc. Nightcaster II: Equinox (2002), Jaleco Entertainment, Inc. Nightcaster: Defeat the Darkness (2001), Microsoft Corporation Thanks for the awsome Artwork in … Read More