Review: Zalman ZM-MH200 HUB.
* This will also use the USB as a hub for the HDDs if no eSATA cable is attached.
* However the speed will be limited to USB2.0 speeds..

Test Bench:
• Western Digital Cavier Black 500GB / 32MB Cache
• PNY 8GB USB Flash Drive, and 8GB SD Card
• EVGA X58 SLI Motherboard
• Red eSATA JMicron JMB362 rear I/O port
• Black ICH10 Intel SATA ports
• HD Tune 2.55 – Hard Disk Utility
First I tested the hub using the red eSATA port on the back of the E758 Motherboard
Just for kicks I ran the same test again to show any differences
3rd I hooked the hub up to a standard SATA port, Intel ICH10 black internal
4th I ran a test with the hard drive hooked directly to the ICH10 SATA port,
Without the Zalman ZM-MH200.
This shows us the differece in speeds of a Hard Drive installed directly inside a PC,
and using the hub. Speeds are the same in both cases, respectively.
The last 2 tests are for the USB 2.0 devices
8GB PNY Optima Pro Attache Flash Drive, in the usb port of the ZM-MH200 hub
8GB PNY Optima SDHC HD Class 4 card , in the SD SDHC port of the ZM-MH200 hub
It shows up as Generic 7GB Storage Device
The results:
• all USB devices opperate @ approx: 20MBPS, which is high speed USB2.0
• The Zalman ZM-MH200 hub opperates at the same speed as an internal drive.
• both HDDs uses the 1 eSATA cable (eg.. Port Multiplier) 1 eSATA 2 HDDs
• USB, SD, Micro SD uses the USB 2.0 cable
• Power Cord must be used for all features
This unit works great, and I did’nt find any cons.
The unit looks great! and fits nicely on my desk.