BF3 Settings GTX285 1GB 3-Way SLI

Update: 12/28/2012
I am now running @ 1920×1200 with High to ultra settings, and getting 60-200FPS
must have been a driver update, or game update.

So far this is the highest settings I can get on Battlefield 3 using my current setup.
Memory usage maxes out at 983MB of the GTX285’s 1GB available vRam.
I’m supprised I can even use 1920×1200. the game is a bit smoother using 1680×1050,
but looks better with 1920×1200 with lower settings.

Battlefield 3 BF3 settings gtx285 1GB 3-way sli 1920x1200 X58 i7

BF3 Battlefield 3 settings gtx285 1GB 3-way sli 1920x1200 X58 i7


Battlefield 3 On E5300 GT240

Update To: E5300 / GT240 BF3:

Nvidia Driver 290.53 BETA
Windows 8 64-Bit Developer Preview

BF3 Settings:

  • Fullscreen Monitor [ 1280×1024 – 60.02Hz ]
  • Graphics Quality [ LOW ]
  • Texture Quality [ LOW ]
  • Shadow Quality [ LOW ]
  • Effects Quality [ LOW ]
  • Mesh Quality [ LOW ]
  • Terrain Quality [ LOW ]
  • Terrain Decoration [ LOW ]
  • Antialiasing Deferred [ OFF ]
  • Antialiasing Post[ MED ]
  • Motion Blur [ OFF ]
  • Anisotropic Filter [ 2X ]
  • Ambient Occlusion [ OFF ]

Fraps Benchmark 3 minutes:

Min Max Avg
30 62 48.379
BF3 1280x1024 E5300 GT240 50FPS

BF3 1280x1024 E5300 GT240 50FPS


Battlefield 3 On E5300 / GT240

Update on the Battlefield 3 Minimum system requirements test:

  • Windows 8 64-Bit Developer Preview
  • Nvidia Driver 285.16 Win8 Default (not the recomended)
  • Intel E5300 Dual Core 2.6GHZ
  • Intel G41 Motherboard
  • EVGA GT240 512MB GDDR5 / 550MHZ-Core / 1340MHZ-Shader / 1700MHZ-Mem
  • Corsair 2GB XMS3 DDR2/800
  • WD Cavier Green 160GB

Here’s what I came up with:

  • 30FPS Solid
  • 1024×768 60HZ resolution
  • Settings all on Low / AA=2x

To save alot of frustration I reccomend doing the following step:

  1. Start Origin in [ OFFLINE ] mode
  2. Start a Campaign, or Continue an existing
  3. Once the game starts hit [esc] >> Settings >> Video
  4. Change the resolution and apply resolution, then change to low settings
  5. Click the back button and settings should save

This should now allow you to change settings without studdering issues.
In my opinion the default settings should already be at Low / 800×600
So you can slowly raise the settings in small steps..

I did’nt have alot of time to try higher settings,
But the system would freeze while to trying to get them tuned down to low.
I recomend opening Origin in [ OFFLINE ] mode.
It makes it easier to adjust settings in a Sinlge Player game.

So far the game is very playable, and enjoyable on this system,
Runs smooth, just not the best graphics.

Later I will use this same system to test an 8600GT 512,
Other systems to test in the futere as well, 780i Q6600, 8800GTS 512, Core i7 X58, GTX285, etc.
I will also test some of the newer drivers NV 285.62 WHQL,
and maybe some BETA drivers as well..


Getting everything converted.

I will not be moving 3 years of posts to the new site,
However I will recreate most of the site pages, like PC projects, guitar projects etc…

I look forward to easy posting, and editing..