Turn off windows update from updating device drivers automatically

Only do this if you want to be in control of driver update “Manually”
This will fix issues with Windows updating to an “Older” or “Incompatible” driver
due to version and dating issues used hierarchy scheming

Windows has made it difficult to navigate in the newer Win10 versions
I have tried to find a way from the menu but cannot, Please post here if know a faster or better way..

1. Fastest (Requires Typing)
Left click the menu >> Choose “Settings Gear”
Type in the search box “Advanced System Settings” and choose it.

2. Click “Start” Scroll down and expand “System” Click “Control Panel” “Click System”

3. (No typing required)
Right click start menu >> Choose “File Explorer”
Right click “This PC” >> Choose “Properties”
Click “Advanced System Settings” in the left menu pane
Click the “Hardware Tab” Choose “Device Installation Settings” button
Tick the box for “No (your device might not work as expected) and “Save Changes”

You can also make a Desktop shorcut:
When in the “System View” use the address bar, drag the computer icon onto your desktop.
Now all have to do is double click the icon.

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