This game got my interest back.

I recently started playing DayZ Early Access Alpha.
I’m not much for MMORPG’s but this one is really fun.

Survive a Zombie Apocalypse:
Only this game gets very real.
– Scavenge for food, and water or die
– get medical attention if you get hurt.
– watch out for Zombies, and other players.
– Find Guns, Water, Food, First Aid, Cloths, etc…
– most important, you need something to carry it all in like a backpack, or cloths with extra pockets.

You need things like real world items.
– Can opener to open a can of food, or use a knife and loose some food.
– water bottle or canteen to carry water.
– team up with other players.

Check it out on Steam.
Also check out the map

Here’s my character, I went through about 10 before I got this far.