Heartfield Fender Talon V – (Talon 5) rebuild restore original floyd rose pro tremolo

Label: Heartfield by Fender Talon V
All original with the following exceptions:
– Steel black knobs (have originals)
– Washburn solid pickup cover on S (have orig.)
– 1 Fine tuner on FRP replaced (Not Orig.)
– Strap Locks are not original (Not Orig.)

– 1991 #113 FujiGen Gakki Factory
– 1991 Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan
– 1992 I Purchased new
– 1994 I Sold it
– 1996 Found and purchased back
– Currently still own this guitar

Specs :
– DiMarzio Super 3 DP152 Bridge
– DiMarzio H 3 Fender Propietery Neck
– Floyd Rose Pro Tremelo
– Gotoh Machine Heads

This is my favorite guitar of all time, and I will never part with it again.
This instrument is registered at Heartfield-Central,
more info on these guitars can be found there.

This Talon V guitar is 20 years old now, and I was just going to change the strings,
but realized I need to really clean the Floyd Rose “Pro”. It was showing corrsion, and rust.
Even though, this thing still stayed in tune.

There were several different Heartfield Talons manufactured,
some were Fender Talon, Heartfield by Fender Talon
More info. can found here: Heartfiled-Central

After taking apart every single piece or the Floyd Rose Pro Trem, I cleaned with alcohol, and a toothbrush,
then soaked everthing in WD-40 for about 2 days.

The Floyd Rose Pro is a little banged up, but still in great shape.

This is the only part on the FRP that has corrosion Where my hand lays for muting.

Dimarzio Pickup Routing:

Dimarzio pickups Super 3 DP152, and H 3 Fender Propeitery:

AANJ (All Access Neck Joint) Heartfield Fender Talon V
aanj fender talon v all access neck joint heratfield

The Heartfield Talon Logo, I scanned this from a magazine ad.