275.33 WHQL:
– 06/01/2010 BC2 Squad mate was missing all body parts except hands, and head.
– 06/14/2011 BC2 artifacts in several different maps. have not seen the missing bodies in a while. hoping for a new driver, or back to 266.58/260.59
– 06/19/2011 BC2 Artifacts still present after playing a map or 2, Laguna. valprasso or whatever real bad. reverting back to 260.99 or 266.58

275.27 BETA:
– 05/21/2011 Graphics on BC2 were missing soldiers body parts.
– 05/23/2011 Graphics on BC2 were missing MY soldiers body parts.
– 05/23/2011 Game froze on BC2, followed by a White Screen, CTRL/ALT/DELETE.
– 05/23/2011 Temps reached 99c on 1 GPU the others were normal via HW Monitor, & Precision.

270.61 BETA:
– 05/18/2011 Missing Soldiers body Parts on Battlefield Bad Company 2

266.58 WHQL:
– 05/23/2011 Installed
– 05/23/2011 BC2 runs choppy as hell (only tested one server) GPU usage not even across all gpus.
– 05/23/2011 bc2 running CHOPPY STILL, low GPU usage across all gpus, sli sucks, new server harvest day

260.99 WHQL:
– 05/23/2011 BC2 low GPU usage 30% – 60%, White Screen, Can’t play worth a shit, FPS 150 avg.
– 05/23/2011 BC2 Low GPU usage 30%-50% avg 40%, up to 200FPS played Heavy Metal, no issues. (Maybe just leave this one for a while.)
– 05/25/2010 BC2 High GPU usage is up to 70% 80% 130+ FPS played a few maps, no issues. all maxed out.
– 06/01/2011 Played several games, No AA in NFS World, everything else is OK..
– 06/01/2011 This will be the driver I fall back on if the new 275.33 WHQL Fails
– 07/30/2011 Installing BETA 280.19

258.96 WHQL:
– 05/23/2011 seemed to be fine with BC2 used for only a few minutes, Installed 266.58

280.19 BETA (SLI Update):
– 08/03/2011 Everything is running smoothly, BC2 above 100FPS GPU usage 70%-80%, temps 67c and below, CPU 56c and below. No Issues

285.62 WHQL:
This driver has no crashes, as of 12/22/2011 285.62 is the most stable WHQL driver,
no WHQL since this driver, BF3 patches have fixed the issues, 1680×1050 res is best for BF3 using 1GB GTX285

285.79 DRIVER HAS a significant increase in performance but crashes DX issues..
reverting back to 285.62

301.42 WHQL:
05/27/2012 – Installing
06/02/2011 – So far no issues with this driver yet, not gaming much, just BF3 so far.
10/10/2012 – Still get black screen issue in BC2 where you still see icons and blackness, also occasional white screen.
11/03/2012 – Driver Crashes in L4D2 when games restart. (when game ends, and new map or game loads) updating to 306.97

306.97 WHQL:
11/03/2012 – Installing 306.97 even though there have been no improvements for GTX285 to my knowledge.
11/04/2012 – White screen occurred in Battlefield Bad Company 2, Game crashed in L4D2 while loading from lobby.

310. WHQL
No Issues

314.07 WHQL
3/14/2013 – Installed New Driver
3/15/2013 – Battlefield Bad Company 2 has a black screen, Only this time it’s there when the map loads, and stays that way.
I have to turn Effects Quality to Low, and the Black Screen goes away..