Compaq-HP Transplant Project budget gaming rig

We picked up an HP Pavilion Slimline s5220f Desktop PC on Craigslist for parts, and only the TFTX power supply was faulty.
This machine has a much better setup then the Compaq Presario SR5433WM Desktop PC, but a decent Graphics Card will not fit in the Slim Micro Case.

I decided to do an upgrade for a friend, and use the case and old components to build a Micro Slim Server to save space, and electricity.


HP Pavilion Slimline s5220f:
Windows 7 64-Bit (Fully in tact SYS Restore HDD)
MS7525 Boston G31 motherboard
Intel Dual Core E5300 @ 2.6GHZ
4GB DDR2/800 ram
WD Cavier Blue 640GB 16MB Cache
Slim Micro Case

Compaq Presario SR5433WM:
Windows Vista 32-Bit
MS7525 Boston G31 motherboard (SAME)
Intel Dual Core E2160 @ 1.8GHZ (.8GHZ slower)
2GB DDR2/800 ram (2GB less)
Seagate 7200.11 320GB 32MB Cache (Larger Cache but I like WD better)
Micro case that will fit a 9800GT SSC (Main reason for transplant)

So what we have acomplished:
– Doubled ram from 2GB – 4GB
– Increased our CPU by .8GHZ (800MHZ respectively)
– Doubled our L2 Cache from 1MB – 2MB
– Upgrade from WinVista 32-Bit – Win7 64-Bit

The only thing we had upgrade other then 9800GT SSC 512MB was a power supply, which we pulled from another parts PC picked up at a computer salvage a couple weeks ago OKIA 450 Watt 18amp12vrail.

The Compaq with a 8600GT before

Both motherboards are identical, just different CPU coolers

Testing everything after trouble shooting the PSU because the 9800GT will not fit in the slim case.

You can see the 9800GT is bigger then the Boston 7525 G31 board

This case is tiny, like not much bigger then a laptop

Here is the HP components all installed into the Compaq Case.

we are able to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 @:
– Resolution 1680×1050 20″ Wide
– all settings on HIGH
– AA @ 8X
– AF @ 4x

Framerate is from 30-65 fps, it jumps up and down quite a bit.
for the most part game play is very smooth.
Before the upgrade with the old Compaq we were getting 14-42FPS with slight lag issues, and the settings were at low/Med with 2xAA AF OFF. Using a GT240 512MB GDDR5.

The main problem was bottlenecking the GPU with a 1.8GHZ CPU, by increasing the CPU to 2.6GHZ we lifted the bottleneck. there may still be a small bottleneck but we cannot overclock HP/Compaq computers due to the BIOS not supporting it. We could later upgrade the CPU to an E8400, but I really don’t think we will see much gain due to the motherboards technology, ICH7/G31

This upgrade is pretty much maxed INMHO.

Can’t wait to see if will play Battlefield 3.

Update: 12/12/2011 – This PC does play BF3 on low setings, 1440×900 gets avg. 30FPS